About Us

We strive to be one of the world’s best investment management companies by providing individuals, institutional investors and financial professionals a variety of funds in which they may invest. Each of our funds pays distributions to their investors. We believe that every investment should have a tangible cash payment to its holder and we strive for that payment to be monthly.

Our Company

Our mission is simple: To help our investors and their financial advisors reach their financial goals by striving to be the world’s best provider of investments that pay monthly distributions. To this end, we offer a range of investment products, including specialty investment companies and real estate investment trusts.

We adhere to the highest standard of ethical behavior and fiduciary responsibility in all that we do. We put our investors’ interests first and we invest a portion of our personal assets alongside theirs. We communicate candidly about risks and costs, as well as rewards.

We are also results oriented managers with a motto of "Make it happen!” We believe that investing is a serious proposition that should be approached in a conservative manner. Accordingly, we do not believe in chasing short-term performance or investment fads. By focusing on diversification of our investments and taking a long-term perspective, we help our investors achieve investment success.